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Comprehensive solutions for your requirements

Radars, C4I, missile systems control, modernization, antennas , IFF, integration.

Voice recording systems, video, data archiving.

Localization of people behind the wall, detection, communication, monitoring of firefighters and paramedics.

RETIA uniqueness is based on the large expertise of our staff being able to solve complex tasks in all areas of the company activities. Today we have our own modern development and production premises with technical equipment for both RDP as well as for testing.


RETIA Company exposition at IDET 2015

The very extensive RETIA Company exposition at IDET 2015 exhibition confirms RETIA Company leading position in design, development, production and integration of radars and C4I assets in the Czech Republic. Every visitor can be assured about this during IDET 2015 (19-21 May 2015) exhibition at booth number 006 in hall P. You are cordially invited.


Deputy MoD Tomáš Kuchta visited our company

The Deputy Minister of Defence– Head of the Industrial Cooperation and Organisations Management Division Mr Tomáš Kuchta visited our company on 30th April 2015. During his visit Deputy Minister was accompanied by director of Military Technical Institute Mr Jiří Protiva. 

Physical and Functional Configuration Audit

The specific AGS (Alliance Ground Surveillance) programme review took place 28th and 29th April 2015 at RETIA premises. The representatives of customer (AIRBUS DS) and representative of Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic Quality Department were participating in this review.

The group of the Czech Republic MoD officials and the Czech Armed Forces members visited RETIA

The group of the Czech Republic MoD officials and the Czech Armed Forces members visited RETIA, a.s. premises on the 21st April 2015. The purpose of visit was to introduce them the finished AGS shelter, which at the beginning of May will be handed over to customer AIRBUS DS, Germany. 

End of support for ReDat Application Server on the date 31. 3. 2016

Please for acceptance of the following information:

Due to the end of development and sale of ReDat Application Server and its replacement by ReDat eXperience, the support is at an end. From the mentioned date, the updatings and technical support will not be issued and provided.

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