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In all areas which RETIA deals, it offers to its customers complex high-quality services. For its customers RETIA provides production of technology demonstrators, prototypes, carries out serial production and installation of the devices, provides consulting, designing activities, operator training, warranty service and in-service support.

Electronics defence systems

Radar technology

We are a developer and producer of  new radars and radar components.

  • Short Range radar - ReVISOR news
  • VHF Band Early Warning Radar - ReVEAL news
  • Modernization of P-18 radar systems 
  • Modernization of P-19 radar systems
  • Modernization of P-37 radar systems
  • Modernization of ST-68 radar systems
  • Modernization of PRV-17 radar systems
  • Integration of IFF interrogators
  • Radar components

C2, C4I2, C4ISR systems

We provide comprehensive mobile automated command and control systems.

  • Command and control system - RACCOS
  • NATO Programme - AGS
  • Communication device allowing the interoperability between various Air Defence C2 systems (NATO standard) - LLAPI
  • Means of command and control C2 modules
  • Air observation apparatus ReTOB
  • Weapon terminal ReWET
  • Digital internal communication system ReDIN

Modernization of defence equipment

Digitization, automation and complete or partial replacement of obsolete electronic equipment intended to enhance older radars, Surface-to-Air Missile systems and other Air Defense means capabilities.

  • Modernization of SAM systems - SA-6 KUB CZ
  • Modernization of SAM systems - S-10
  • Modernization radio jammer R-934U
  • Modernization of Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS)

ReDat Recording System

Reliable solution for recording phone calls and screens

  • ReDat3 Recording Unit - robust hybrid recorder
  • ReDat VoIP Recorder - Recording software platform running under Windows
  • ReDat Phone Recorder - Record analog and TDM lines
  • ReDat Mobile Recorder - Record calls directly on your mobile phone
  • ReDat ScreenRecording - Record calls and screen activities of operators

Complex record management and administration

  • ReDat eXperience - the new generation platform for applications working with records
  • ReDat Catalog - comfortable user environment for work with records
  • ReDat Encryptor - securing voice data against unauthorized manipulation and leakage of confidential data
  • ReDat StorageManager - long-term archiving of records
  • ReDat Verificator - verification an audio files authenticity, data security against manipulation with records
  • ReDat Compare - comparative service for redundant connection of ReDat systems

Features not only for contact centres and dispatchers

  • ReDat VoiceProcessor - automatic speech analysis, word spotting
  • ReDat TopicDetection - transcription of text analysis of the context, analysis of the interactive content
  • ReDat VoiceTracker -speaker verification and detection of additional parameters in the IVR environment
  • ReDat CTI integration
  • ReDat API - documented interface for ReDat system integration with applications of other producers
  • ReDat QualityChart - systematic monitoring and evaluation of agents
  • ReDat Coaching - simplifies and accelerates the communication of supervisors and agents during day-to-day training
  • ReDat ScreenRecording a professional software solution for screen recording
  • ReDat ScreenMaster - detection of events on computer desktops
  • ReDat SmartConnector - ReDat integration with recording systems by other producers

Monitoring and remote support

  • ReDat Management System - management and control of ReDat recording systems
  • ReDat LineMonitor - record control and record playback from user's PC
  • ReDat PhoneControl - recording on demand from phone sets
  • ReDat Indicator - status indication of recording channels with a visual and audible alarm


Localization and security systems

  • Localization system detecting human bodies through a wall - ReTWis


We are preparing other products

  • Tracking and localization of rescue workess in buildings - RetLoc
  • Detection and localization of  close range intruders around a vehicle - ReSen

Services, test and verification

Besides the wide variety of products for military and civil purposes we also provide the following services for our customers.

  • Research and production of the microwave technique of data processing and signals (DSP,FPGA)
  • Research and production of the reflex and absorption waveguide filters between a range of frequencies  from 2-18 GHz
  • Studies, project on and advisory services,
  • Production of prototypes
  • Verification and tests (EMC, climatic, electric)
  • Repetitive production
  • Radar components
  • Warranty and after warranty service
  • Training
  • Inspection


Today RETIA is among the best on the market in all its business activities. We are proud that our services are used not only by companies that are leading the market, but also by important institutions.