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Company politics

We are your partner for the development, manufacture, and integration of new radars, command and control systems, and for modernisation projects.  
We define trends for contact and dispatch centres.

The Top management of RETIA, a.s. declares that the optimal quality of products and services, while maintaining respect towards environmental protection, is the potential for success and the correct path to long-term prosperity.

To ensure this objective the Company management has established the following principles:

  • Continuous focus on meeting customer requirements at optimal cost
  • Continuous process improvement at all levels
  • Systematic motivation, education and training are the necessary prerequisites for continuous improvement
  • The senior Company management is personally involved in the development of a suitable work infrastructure
  • Mutual trust, respect and recognition is the necessary prerequisite for achieving the desired level of product and service quality
  • Optimising operations in terms of waste reduction and protection of natural resources is the Company requirement and commitment to environmental protection​
  • Continued compliance with laws, regulations and other requirements of
    The Company observes environmental protection aspects