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New General Director of RETIA company Mr. Jan Volšík

01. 08. 2017
New General Director of RETIA company Mr. Jan Volšík

In July 2017, Mr. Jan Volšík took over as General Director of RETIA company. The previous General Director, Mr Petr Novák will remain Chairman of the Board of RETIA.

With respect to the change in personnel, Mr Petr Novák stated “I would like to pass on my congratulations to the new General Director and wish him the best of luck in leading the company, a company we started from scratch and has continued to grow and prosper for more than 20 years. Retia, starting with only a few engineers is now a thriving company in a high-tech area, which I pass on to my successor in excellent condition. From the position of Chairman of the Board position I will be able to help and support my successor.” 

Mr Jan Volšík, MBA graduate student of B.I.B.S. Brno International Business School, has taken over as the new General Director of RETIA. He started his career in the Agfa Healthcare company, in the position of Sales Manager for three years.  His next role was working for Renault Trucks as the Business Director from 1997 to 2011, and Mr Volšík’s final position before joining Retia was managing  the Business department  in the SAFINA company. 

Mr Jan Volšík stated that “It is a great honour and responsibility for me to be at the forefront of such an important company, which is at the top of its field. RETIA is a leading company in the area of special electronics, not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally.  I would like to continue to widen and develop research, development and production in the area of special electronics and software in the RETIA company.”

About RETIA company 

RETIA, a.s. is one of the leading Czech manufacturers of radar technology, command and control systems for defence and security use, digital recording systems and specialised software. We have successfully completed many projects around the world, for example; the complete modernisation of Surface to Air Missile System, RACCOS Command and Control system and the ReVISOR short-range radar for the Czech Armed Forces. Our international references are Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) for NATO and modernisation of P18 radars for our Asian clients. Nowadays, RETIA is cooperating with the ELTA company preparing and producing new radars, MADR types, for the Czech Armed Forces.