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We continue on customer projects

24. 03. 2020
We continue on customer projects

In these difficult times, as we all respond to the growing impact of COVID-19, RETIA is working around the clock on the company’s projects.

Thanks to the focus of RETIE on technological projects, it has a certain advantage over manufacturing companies and also due to the long-term character of its development and production program, the running of the company is not directly affected by the current pandemic.

RETIA is now able to fulfill contractual obligations towards all its partners and is ready to solve any problems that could arise in connection with the current pandemic situation in the world. Internally, we have proactively activated our set of preventive safety, hygiene and operational measures that protect employees' and customers' health and ensure safe operation.

Even in today's difficult situation, RETIA provides support for the recording and analytics system ReDat, which has delivered to many customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. System ReDat is one of the key components of the Czech Republic's Integrated Rescue System communication network and is used by rescuers and police officers across the country who are at the forefront of the fight against a dangerous pandemic.