Modernization of the 2K12 KUB system

RETIA, a.s. offers the modernization of the KUB system, including the 1S91 (SURN) radar vehicle, the 2P25 (SPU) launchers and the replacement of 3M9 missiles, including a new reloading vehicle.

Modernization of the 2K12 KUB system

2K12 KUB / KVADRAT (SA-6) is a mobile, short to medium range anti-aircraft system. The system’s core consists of a radar vehicle and four launchers The SA-6 system is still an effective weapon, but its effective use is severely limited by the equipment’s aging electronics. The system’s original design and technology make it very demanding on operation, maintenance and repairs.

Availability of spare parts

Life extension

Cost reduction

Integration of modern technologies

Digital interface

The recognized capabilities of the KUB system, especially vehicle mobility and missile performance, suffer from outdated radar electronics and not being connected to a modern fire command and control system. Currently, the original missiles’ lifespan is also coming to an end.

Modernization extends the system’s lifespan, increases combat performance and reduces operator burden.

The integrated logistics support is designed to enable efficient use of the modernized system throughout its lifespan.