ATC/ATM data recording and analysis

We provide a modular data recording system which was developed in close cooperation with air navigation service providers.

We understand the needs of our customers and are able to provide required security and intuitive features that supports safe air navigation.

ATC/ATM solutions

Time, accuracy and availability are the key factors. Most air navigation service providers monitor several independent sources such as audio and video channels or data integration of other systems, including logs. All of these inputs are technologically independent, which means they do not “see” each other. 

Loggers and Probes

ReDat eXperience Application Platform



The ReDat Recording Systems ensure that the ATM/ATC systems are able to monitor, control and analyze situations as they appear, in a comprehensive manner and using all available resources. ReDat Recording Systems also allow users to create complex reports, which are automatically generated and sent according to the user’s requirements.