Solution for processing of customer communication
at contact centers

The ReDat system records and analyzes all communication with customers at the contact center, not only voice but also text and audio-visual communication. The system enables, among other things, efficient management and measurement of performance and is therefore a necessary personal and management tool.

Contact center solutions

The contact center needs to monitor KPIs regarding its customers (NPS, …) and agents for its effective operation. Furthermore, it is beneficial to track the distribution of topics in calls for employees shift planning, including short and long term trends. The answers to these and other questions are contained in the stored data. There is no need for external companies to provide expensive exploration and analysis, simply use our sophisticated tools to process unstructured data. 

Quality Management

Voice and Text Analyses



The processed data can be presented in a well-arranged graphic form to all concerned people, including agents. An equally important factor in the successful use of the tool for processing customer interactions is the ability to mirror the organizational structure of the company into the ReDat system with all its specifications. All the data visualization permissions are controlled by this hierarchical structure.