Company Policy

The management at RETIA, a.s. sees the potential for its business success and the path to long-term prosperity lying in its products and services having the very best quality with regards to environmental protection.

To ensure this goal, the organization's management has set the following principles:

  • permanent focus on satisfying customer requirements and needs at the best possible costs
  • continuous process improvement at all levels
  • systematic employee motivation, education and training are a prerequisite for lasting improvement
  • the senior management is personally involved in securing and developing a suitable work infrastructure
  • mutual trust, respect and recognition is a prerequisite for ensuring that the organization’s products and services have the requisite level of quality.
  • optimizing activities with regard to minimizing waste and protecting natural resources is a prerequisite and commitment for ensuring environmental care
  • constant compliance with the legislation and other requirements that the organization has undertaken a commitment to in relation to the environmental aspects

We are your partner for developing, manufacturing and integrating new radars, command and control systems and carrying out modernization projects. We set the trends in the field of contact centre quality management, air traffic control data recording and dispatching.

Why choose us?

What are our competitive advantages?

More than 25 years on the market

Thanks to this, we have extensive experience, a wide range of references and finely tuned products.

Adapting products to customer requirements

We are happy when you are demanding and know what you want. Why? Because it moves us and our products forward.

Full implementation

The product is designed, implemented and put into operation directly at your place. This is all part of our services.

Possible technology transfer

No need to worry about your existing technologies being dropped