C4I VSHORAD is a modular system for airspace reconnaissance and the effective fire control for very short-range anti-aircraft systems.


ReVISOR is a 2D short-range radar that provides an early warning capability for VSHORAD weapons systems. It can also detect slow, small and low-flying targets, such as drones.

RePLAN serves for planning tactical operations and displaying them over real map data.

ReWET is the firing element terminal.

ReWET NG is an advanced weapons terminal forming the interface between the weapon system and the command and control structure. It is able to display local information about the air situation, share data in real time and transmit commands.

ReTOB is an airborne observer apparatus designed to fill gaps in radar coverage or wherever a covert target search is required. It consists of an optical unit, a thermal imager and a laser rangefinder, thanks to which it can provide target data for the weapon system or transmit target information to the air defence system.

RetTRACK is an optical system to objectively record and evaluate fire.