ReDAT5 Recording Unit

A complex recording device for recording of analogue, digital and IP telephony, PC screens, HID channels and data communication.


The device is intended for recording, archiving, viewing and playback of audio records, video and other communication data. The modular concept of the system enables the recording of various types of data according to the installed HW and SW modules.

ReDAT5 Recording Unit provides a wide variability of possible HW sets and functions for recording audio-video-data communication. Depending on customer requirements, ReDAT5 Recording Unit is always configured to connect specific recording sources. Using the components allow users to gradually expand the system.


A complex recording device for recording of analogue, digital and IP telephony, PC screens, HID channels and data communication.

Key features

The new generation of recording unit offers:

  • Linux-based operating system
  • web application for managing recordings
  • modularity at SW level
  • variability in the composition of HW platforms
  • superior system security
  • easy solution to service requests
  • easy system upgrade and expansion

Other features:

  • reliable and stable recording of voice, screens, HIDs and data communication
  • fully automatic
  • unattended operation in continuous mode 24/7/365
  • different levels of operator access rights
  • modular and scalable
  • secure data storage
  • remote access enabling sorting, searching, filtering,
  • download, playback, etc.
  • remote configuration option
  • administrative functions accessible locally and remotely via LAN/WAN

Device specifications

  • support of multiple HW platforms
  • Client-Server architecture system
  • possibility of archiving to removable media
  • redundant solution supported
  • acoustic and visual alarms
  • integration to LAN/WAN networks
  • possibility of thousands of voice channels configuration, simultaneous recording of hundreds of channel
  • supported codecs: G.711, G.723, G.729, G.722, iLBC
  • supported audio compressions: WAV, MP3, RAW
  • IP telephony supported protocols: SIP, SIPREC, RTSP, RTP, H.323, MGCP, ED-137, GSMR and proprietary protocols
  • various methods of records triggering
  • mono/stereo recording
  • time synchronization support (GPS, NTP, etc.)
  • automatic balancing of recording level (AVC)
  • support of statistics and system diagnostics

Supported interfaces


  • analog telephone lines, GSM gateways with an analogue interface, audio outputs of radio sets, microphones, VCS analog outputs and different sources of analogue audio signals
  • support of signalling:
    • “In-band” tone detectors, FSK detectors, pulse choice
    • ringing detection, on/off connection detection


  • recording via an Eth. interface
  • IP phones, VCS/GRS systems (active/passive)
  • screens (intrusive/non-intrusive way)
  • radar and flight data (multicast/unicast)
  • data-link, HID channels
  • additional (signaling) information from CTI servers
  • other Ethernet data


  • digital phones of the PBX manufacturers with proprietary Up0 interface (Unify, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Bosch, Matra, Panasonic, etc.) and DECT stations
  • Euro ISDN S0 interface, ISDN phones
  • GSM gateways with ISDN interface
  • G.703/G.704 interface (PCM 2Mbit/s), including serial data flow
  • E1 trunks between PBX and PSTN (ISDN30, ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI)
  • GSM-R recording at the interface between MSC and BSC
  • trading and VCS systems with E1 interface
  • support of signalling:
    • ISDN digital
    • proprietary protocols of selected PBX manufacturers

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