ReDAT Management System

Central administration and supervision of the ReDAT Recording Systems.

ReDAT Management System ensures the central administration and supervision of the ReDAT Recording Systems.

Tools for the central administration and supervision are essential for all critical applications, such as for a recording system. These tools facilitate the regular and occasional technical administration of important recording systems.

Central administration and supervision of the ReDAT Recording Systems.


With ReDAT Management System any unusual conditions of the recording system are indicated in the module application. ReDAT Management System is divided into the unified structure of codes that are used throughout the system to simplify interpretation of error messages. ReDAT Management System communicates via SNMP that provides some advantages. The most significant advantage lies in the standardization of this common protocol and independence on the controlling application.


The first model is when ReDAT Management System is incorporated into the customer´s supervision application. In that case the customer has been already operating his own monitoring system running on SNMP, and the system has already been following all parts of the network. Then only the ReDAT Recording System´s elements are supplemented into the current system and that system remains supervised by the existing means.


In the second case our customer has no supervision application and RETIA ensures support for the supervision application via ReDAT Explorer that will provide all necessary functionalities. ReDAT Management System application monitors and supervises all parts of the ReDAT Recording Systems and administrates error messages. Alternatively, another commercially available SNMP client can be used, eg: NetXMS.

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