Modernization of Military Technology

Thanks to the modernization of technology, customers have the opportunity to keep their combat capability while increasing their existing systems’ useful properties, all at a fraction of the cost of buying new systems. Many of the systems used can be reconditioned and equipped with new electronics with extended data processing and connection capabilities. This means dozens of modernized equipment around the world can serve far beyond the original planned service life.

Modernization of the P-18 radar

The original radar signal processing cannot detect and track targets against a background of strong interference, and the large proportion of non-automated manual work does not meet the target capacity requirements for processing, reliability and accuracy.

The proposed radar modernization overcomes the above-mentioned shortcomings of the original system and provides significant improvements in performance, reliability and maintainability.

Modernization of the 2K12 KUB system

RETIA, a.s. offers the modernization of the KUB system, including the 1S91 (SURN) radar vehicle, the 2P25 (SPU) launchers and the replacement of 3M9 missiles, including a new reloading vehicle.

Modernization extends the system’s lifespan, increases combat performance and reduces operator burden.

The integrated logistics support is designed to enable the efficient use of the modernized system throughout its lifespan.