Multi-purpose 3D radar for detecting and tracking ground and low-flying targets.

ReGUARD - 3D short-range radar

ReGUARD is a multi-purpose 3D radar for detecting and simultaneously tracking ground targets and slow, low-flying targets with a small radar cross section (LSS, UAV). ReGUARD scans the space using electronic beam deflection. The radar can be supplied with a fixed or rotating base.

Instrumental range 0.25 ÷ 18 km

Altitude coverage 3 km

Provides Early Anti-Drone Warning

Deployment time under 10 min.

ReGUARD is designed for two basic uses: either as a stand-alone sensor or as an integral part of a complex system. It can be adapted to the customer’s wishes and the nature of the object under guard, so it is highly suitable for solving various tasks.