ReDAT TextProcessor

A module for analysis of non-speech interactions and general text documents.

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Many customers already use ReDAT Recording Systems for recording and processing calls and screens and have deployed modules from the series of voice analysis and Quality Management. Currently, the share of non-speech interactions in total traffic in contact centers is significantly increasing.

These are mainly email, chat, social networks, but also text documents with or without a link to speech interactions. In order to remain competitive, even in the context of better feedback, it is necessary to address this trend and to process and analyze non-speech interactions.

A module for analysis of non-speech interactions and general text documents.

Key features

ReDAT TextProcessor is a basic module of advanced analysis, which can be extended with the ReDat TopicDetection add-on module.

  • A unified environment for working with all interactions.
  • Interactions are available in the record list of application platform ReDAT eXperience.
    • Access to them is controlled by authorization as well as to calls.
  • Interactions can be filtered by metadata.
  • All Quality Management modules can be applied to non-speech interactions.
  • Detection of topics and context in interactions using the ReDAT TopicDetection module.
  • The system can be used to process non-speech interactions performed by back office staff.
    • Even to content without a link to a specific contact center call.
  • Scalable solution – for large and small customers.
  • Licensing by number of interactions processed per day.

Before & Today


In the past, only a partial integration of non-speech interactions was realized. That meant manually inserting the selected interaction into ReDAT and creating evaluation forms for them. This was a sufficient solution for non-verbal interactions in a number of units.

However, with the development of electronic correspondence, the full integration of non-speech interactions on an automatic basis is essential.


Thanks to the integration interface into the systems processing these interactions, all analytical work can be transferred to the ReDAT eXperience system. In the list of records of the ReDAT eXperience application platform, these non-speech interactions are placed among other items, they can be sorted and filtered according to all available metadata added from thirdparty systems. Access to and display of all data is controlled according to a sophisticated authorization system, as you are used to. Simple and fast.

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