ATM/ATC data recording and analysis

We provide a modular data recording system which was developed in close cooperation with air navigation service providers.

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ReDAT eXperience

We understand the needs of our customers and are able to provide required security and intuitive features that supports safe air navigation.

Time, accuracy and availability are the key factors. Most air navigation service providers monitor several independent sources such as audio and video channels or data integration of other systems, including logs. All of these inputs are technologically independent, which means they do not “see” each other.

The ReDAT Recording Systems ensure that the ATM/ATC systems are able to monitor, control and analyze situations as they appear, in a comprehensive manner and using all available resources. ReDAT Recording Systems also allow users to create complex reports, which are automatically generated and sent according to the user’s requirements.

We provide a modular data recording system which was developed in close cooperation with air navigation service providers.

Key features

  • Easy access via a web interface
  • Simple and intuitive user application environment
  • Centralized data recording and storage
  • Incidents reconstruction and analysis
  • Real-time view of the situation
  • Synchronous playback
  • Reporting tools and analytic functions with online outputs
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Hierarchical access to data
  • A system that is fully audited
  • Speech to text
  • Attachments for investigation reports
  • Note insertion for recordings
  • Live streaming capabilities
  • Automated voice analysis
  • Recording and playback of radar data

Expert's opinion

„RETIA always runs an extra mile for us. We really appreciate their flexibility and customer orientation. RETIA carefully listens to our needs and although they were new to the ATC industry, they were very accommodating and quite quickly fulfilled all our demands.”

Ján Letaši
Project Manager LPS SR
Letové prevádzkové služby Slovenskej republiky

„RETIA demonstrates its full adherence to quality and dedication to agile product development and does its best to respond to all our concerns.”

Martin Jelínek
Project Manager
Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic


  • Air Baltic (Latvia)
  • Airports Authority of India (43 airports) (India)
  • Řízení letového provozu České republiky, s. p. (Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic)
  • Dhaka International Airport (Bangladesh)
  • ENAIRE (Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca) (Spain)
  • Čáslav Airport (military airport) (Czech Republic)
  • ENNA (Etablissement National de la Navigation Aérienne) (Algeria)
  • Heliport (India)
  • Letiště Praha Letňany s.r.o. (military airport Prague) (Czech Republic)
  • Letové prevádzkové služby Slovenskej republiky, štátny podnik (Air Navigation Services of Slovakia)
  • Manila International Airport (Philippines)
  • O.N.D.A. (ATC/ATM Morocco) (Morocco)
  • Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA), Krakow (Poland)
  • Stará Boleslav Airport (military airport) (Czech    Republic)
  • Vilnius International Airport (Lithuania)

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