Firing element terminal.

ReWet serves as an interface that can connect the command and control system to very short-range weapon systems (VSHORAD, MANPADS) with various levels of control and guidance to the target.

It can also provide voice communication with these systems by several ways and means.

The firing element terminal is made up of a rugged laptop, a radio station and other elements. It communicates with the combat command site via a radio station or a metallic connection.

The terminal is operated by the team commander, who uses the information obtained to manage the weapon system operators’ activities.

Firing element terminal.

Basic characteristics

  • Integrated navigation tools
  • Two-way data communication with the command and control system
  • Graphic and textual display of the air situation, assigned targets and commands
  • Edits and sends reports and status information
  • Main data transmission by VHF radio, backup data line
  • Possible to have voice link with the superior system
  • Rugged design, carried by one person
  • Powered by batteries or external source
  • BITE diagnostics

Basic technical and tactical parameters

  • Terminal computer parameters
    • CPU Intel Pentium M 1.4GHz, RAM 256 MB
    • Touch screen 8.4” active TFT colour, 1024 x 768 pixels, HDD: 60 GB
  • Powered by internal batteries
    • 8h in marching position
    • 4h in combat position
  • External power
    • DC 12-27 V, max. 100W
  • Navigation system
    • GPS in SPS mode
    • coordinate accuracy <15 m
  • Transport properties
    • case size 580 x 540 x 220 mm
    • case weight 21kg