We are a key integrator and subcontractor of MADR (Mobile Air Defence Radar) 3D radars. These are implemented in the Czech Armed Forces’ air defence structures in cooperation with the manufacturer, the Israeli company ELTA.


The delivery and installation involves 8 sets of medium range mobile 3D radars with a detection mode for small, low-flying and cooperating and non-cooperating air targets with the transmission of information in formats suitable for a ground air defence fire control system.

We provide support for the installation and integration of radars into certified information systems. We produce hi-tech DTRM and DRM modules, which are used in the production of MADR radars.

We also provide logistical support during user training, installation, integration, testing and delivery to the end user and during warranty periods.

Our long-term cooperation in supplying the Czech Armed Forces with military equipment is an essential prerequisite for successfully implementing a project of a similar scale. RETIA was also selected as the CAF service partner for the entire life cycle of the equipment.