ReDAT CTI is a software integration module enabling closer integration with recorded communication means and extending the functionality of the recording system compared to the version based only on signaling processing.

CTI integration allows different variants automatically evaluated selective recording based on predefined conditions.

Using CTI integration can be also realized manual user control of the record. The information obtained from the CTI connection can be used for: record management and record metadata editing.

ReDAT CTI is a software integration module enabling closer integration with recorded communication means and extending the functionality of the recording system compared to the version based only on signaling processing.

Record management and editing


1. Talk sessions

The added value lies in the more precise control of record switching, which is based on the transmission of events at the beginning and end of the call, on the hold (HOLD) and transfer (TRANSFER) of the call, etc. This information is transmitted, unlike signaling messages, over a reliable channel (tcp), thus eliminating the possibility of its loss during transmission. In the case of an active recording method, CTI integration can also be used to initiate recording sessions.

2. PC screen

It allows you to record agent screens even during a call hold or after the end of the call until the agent on the PC ends the interaction with the customer (until it is in the state to receive another call again).


Via a CTI connection, information that is not directly related to the established communication channel can be transmitted to the recording system and therefore cannot be obtained from the signaling protocol. 

Additional metadata usually concerns the participants of the recorded communication – it can be, for example, information about the customer (obtained from an external database) or about the agent who handled the call (his identification, skill, campaign number, IVR code …).

This benefit of CTI integration can be used especially when deployed in call centers or dispatch centers.

Supported technologies

Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX (OXE)It uses the TSAPI protocol, for use with passive branch recording (IP and digital) and trunks or with active branch recording (TDM DR-Link / IP DR-Link). When the recording mode is active, it is possible to add an acoustic signal to the communication that the call is being recorded.
Avaya Aura Communication ManagerTSAPI protocol or DMCC proprietary communication, branch and trunk recording, in combination with Avaya AE Services active recording, integration with Aura call center.
Cisco CUCMJTAPI protocol, recording of IP branches passively and actively.
Cisco CUBESIPREC protocol, active recording of external calls, for various telephones and PBX.
Cisco CUCCECTIOS or REST / XMPP protocol (Finesse), integration with call center.
Cisco CUCCXCCX CTI protocol or REST / XMPP (Finesse), integration with call center.
CTI Solidus eCareProprietary communication, recording of call center agents at branches / trunks.
DCom RadioVoicePassive recording of radio communication, VoIP gateways, private protocol.
DCom TOPActive recording of call channels from the dispatching terminal, SIP-based private protocol.
Genesys SIP ServerCommunication using Genesys Platform Voice SDK, recording of branches and trunks, information about agents, active recording of SIP Server branches.
CCTVIntegration with Bosch, Cisco or HikVision camera systems, uses a private API interface.
Mitel (Aastra) MX-ONECSTA III / XML protocol, branch recording (IP / analog / digital), active recording of selected IP phone models.
R&S (Topex) VCSED-137 protocol, recording of ground-based and radio communication in an active way.
TTC IP TouchCall/KonosH.323 protocol + private, recording of call channels from the dispatch center.
Unify HiPath 3000/4000Older variant of integration, uses CAP server, recording of branches and trunks.
Unify OpenScape VoiceCSTA III / XML protocol, passive and active recording of SIP branches.
Unify OpenScape BusinessCSTA III / XML protocol, branch record.
Unify OpenScape XPERT(Formerly Siemens IP Trading) – proprietary communication or SIPREC, recording of call units on turrets.
Unify OpenScape 4000CSTA III / XML protocol, passive and active branch recording (VoIP, analog, digital, DECT).
Queue management systemIntegration with the ORCHESTRA queue management system, private protocol.

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