ReDAT Explorer

Application enabling network monitoring of ReDAT Recording Systems.

The new generation of “Explorer” follows the original generation, but with the addition of SNMP support. It is its own tool enabling network monitoring of the ReDAT Recording Systems, which provides an overview of the current status of individual devices as well as the history of fault conditions.

ReDAT Explorer is characterized by simple configuration and clear intuitive graphical interface.

Supported devices are: ReDAT eXperience, ReDAT Recorder, ReDAT3 Recording Unit and ReDAT5 Recording Unit.

Application enabling network monitoring of ReDAT Recording Systems.

User interface

  • The monitored devices are clearly displayed in a tree structure located in the left panel
  • The tree is structured according to user-specified groups of devices, into which individual technical devices are included
  • Below the devices, their statuses are displayed
  • In the right panel, you can select to view details of statuses, traps, and status history
  • Statuses contain a status counter
  • Received SNMP traps can be marked as processed
  • Each status change triggers an audiovisual alarm (An alert is displayed at the top of the screen and an audible alarm is played until the user confirm the alert)
  • Every status change is recorded on the “History” tab

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