Security Systems

In the field of security systems, we develop and manufacture products for both physical security and data security (cyber security).

ReTwis 5+

The ReTwis 5+ (RETIA Through-Wall Imaging System) is a unique small, portable radar that detects living beings behind a wall or behind a non-metallic obstacle. Thanks to its technology, the radar can detect living beings both in motion and at rest.


Retia Complex anti-drone system. Fixed site area protection.

  • 3D radar ReGuard
  • Passive 3D RF Direction Finder
  • EO/IR with target tracking and video analytics capability
  • Soft Kill – RF Jamming, Spoofing, Take Control
  • Hard-kill – Net, Laser, Kinetics


ReGun is part of a comprehensive ReCas anti-drone solution.

Independent hand-held directional jammer specially designed to jam of the most commonly used commercial, do-it-yourself and military drones that threaten objects of critical infrastructure, facilities or protected persons. ReGun will send a drone to the ground, or send it back to the launch site.


Multi-purpose 3D radar for detecting and tracking ground and low-flying targets.


The data security filter allows you to select different modes of separation for individual data zones. It provides the user with the function of a data diode, which is based on a HW solution, as well as the function of a configurable data filter that can enable or disable the transmission of various data formats from one data zone to another. The data filter’s software solution makes it possible to customize the data filter according to the specific situation and the user’s needs.

Audio Alarm

Allows playback of predefined voice or sound messages in connection with various operating states of the system (alarms, warnings, operating information…).

Security Separator

The security separator is the part of the device that allows a defined connection between classified and unclassified zones.


The network data diode makes it possible to unidirectionally separate the various parts of the data networks. Thus the data flows in just one direction and so, for example, it is impossible to attack the protected IT subsystem from the outside. The data diode represents one of the basic elements for ensuring cyber security in the civilian and military sectors.