Quality Management Support

The service ensures successful and effective deployment of Quality Management modules and voice and text analysis in the customer’s contact center environment.

Quality Management (QM) is dependent upon many contact centre circumstances and characteristics. The Quality Management Support service ensures successful and efficient deployment of the system in the customer’s contact centre.

This service may be applied and deployed on installed and functional ReDAT systems with an installed QM module if the system user has an acceptance agreement. 

The service supports ReDAT Quality Management modules including QualityChartVoiceProcessorTopicDetectionReporting, and others.

The service ensures successful and effective deployment of Quality Management modules and voice and text analysis in the customer’s contact center environment.

Key features

  1. The customer’s basic needs for introductory evaluation forms and basic templates for reporting
  2. Overall support and overview of new features
  3. Proposals for QM-related contact centre development

The customer receives support in configuring automatic selections, forms, unconventional acquisition methods and consultations during work with templates.

In the voice analysis environment, support can be used when configuring calculations or in the analysis of broader aspects of the outcomes of voice analysis. The service includes assistance in configuring and updating the QM development plan for the contact centre and priority information about new features and developments.


Support depends on the scope of QM modules and includes:

  • Assignment of a contact person by the contractor to cover support and communication.
  • User support in the compilation of automatic selections and forms in the QualityChart module.
  • Configuration of unconventional selection methods in the QualityChart module.
  • Consultation during work with templates in the Reporting module.
  • Modification/creation of new templates (4 templates a year at no charge) in the Reporting module.
  • Support in configuring classification in the VoiceProcessor module (10 classifications a year at no charge).
  • Support in the creation of new topics in the TopicDetection module and graphic presentation of new topics in the system.
  • A guarantee of 40 hours of personal consultation and system checks via VPN per year. The service includes phone consultations and pre-scheduled video conferences.


We will introduce you to the new features of QM regularly, ReDAT News – webinars, in-person presentations and an annual seminar on new QM functionalities at RETIA, a.s. head office (dates for this seminar are published on the website).

* Customers who have not purchased this service may attend individual seminars for a separate fee.


We regularly compile and update customer development plans for QM. These plans take into account the specific processing and personnel conditions of the contact center, as well as the technical capabilities of existing systems. The primary goal of the strategy is to develop the QM to improve the efficiency of the entire contact centre.
The Quality Management Support service delivers extensive QM experience at contact centres to customers. This is combined with know-how related to integration with other information systems, IVR and support in planning the technical aspects of contact centre development focused on the latest trends in the field.

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