ReDAT Recording Systems

In the field of telecommunications, RETIA has stood out
with its business division for ReDAT Recording Systems.

The division provides a very sophisticated system for recording voice, image and other relevant data, which are automatically analyzed so they are available to users in a clear and structured form.

The highly modular system, with a wide integration potential, fully covers the recording needs both in the dispatching segment and in the ATM/ATC sector and at contact centres.

Our customers include major mobile operators, large banks, integrated rescue systems, rail management companies, air traffic control and successful commercial contact centres.

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Sophisticated system for recording voice, screen and other data

Our customers are major mobile operators, large banks, integrated rescue system components, railway administrators, air traffic control or successful commercial contact centers.

Contact center solution

The ReDAT system records and analyzes all communication with customers at the contact center, not only voice but also text and audio-visual communication. The system enables, among other things, efficient management and measurement of performance and is therefore a necessary personal and management tool.

Dispatch center solution

We provide a highly modular system with a wide integration potential that fully covers the needs of dispatching applications recording, in terms of a broad range of supported telecommunication technologies and in terms of available software applications.

ATM/ATC solution

We provide a modular data recording system which was developed in close cooperation with air navigation service providers.