ReDAT Recorder

Recording system for IP telephony, classic telephony, PC screens and data communication.


Digital recording system intended for recording, archiving, viewing and playback of audio records from various communication technologies (VoIP, analog, digital), PC screens and data communication.

The device also supports recording of the general data, which contain the additional information of audio records (e.g. CTI data, events and others).

Recording system for IP telephony, classic telephony, PC screens and data communication.

Key features


  • reliable recording of the voice communication
  • fully automatic
  • unmanned operation for the continuous recording mode 24/7/365
  • simultaneous recording on many channels with the different configurations
  • securely saved data
  • system diagnostics support

Advanced functions

  • elaborated system of the data saving and archiving
  • intuitive web environment
  • well-arranged list of records for the simple and quick searching, filtering and sorting
  • export and sending of records via e-mail
  • advanced playback of records
  • live monitoring/listening of calls
  • CTI integration with the commercially available telecommunication technologies
  • user record is controlled directly from the IP phones
  • modular architecture – possibility of the system extension with the Quality Management modules (evaluationcoachingreporting and voice analyses)
  • documented XML API interface

System specifications

  • SW solution, independent on HW, supplied together with the ReDat eXperience application platform
  • data are stored on a hard disk of a large capacity
  • redundant solution support
  • integration into the LAN / WAN networks
  • records are realized by using the standard Ethernet interface (10 Mbit, 100 Mbit, 1 Gbit), or via interface cards or external boxes (DVI, DP, KMM, MIC-4CH)
  • option to configure the thousands of speech channels and to record the hundreds of simultaneously recorded phone calls
  • switching records: continuous recording, manual control, by signalling, RTP detection, by the CTI integration, by special protocol (ED-137, SIPREC)
  • supported codecs: G.711, G.723, G.729, G.722, iLBC
  • supported formats of records: WAV and proprietary RAW format
  • supported protocols: SIP, SIPREC, RTPS, RTP, H.323, MGCP, ED-137, GSMR and proprietary protocols
  • support of the time synchronization NTP, GPS and DCF
  • SNMP diagnostics

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