ReVisor — Short-range radar

Short-range radar to support VSHORAD activities and detect small and low-flying targets.

width 2°
antenna rotation
30 and 45 rpm
detection capabilities
(h) 5 km, (d) 25 km

ReVisor is a surveillance radar designed especially for very short-range ground-based air defence (VSHORAD). It detects, identifies, and tracks air targets with a fast data refresh rate and the necessary accuracy, including low-slow-small flying targets (LSS), and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

ReVisor supports modern VSHORAD systems in their efforts to effectively destroy various means of air attack.

Short-range radar to support VSHORAD activities and detect small and low-flying targets.

Basic characteristics

  • The C2 module can control the VSHORAD platoon’s firing capacity
  • Operating frequency in the X band
  • Multi-mode operation
  • GBAD mode (with fast data refresh rate)
  • Counter LSS mode (to protect important buildings and guarded sites)
  • Can be equipped with a C2 module used to support GBAD command and control
    • Portable console enabling remote control
  • Highly accurate coordinate measurement and target resolution
  • Detection
    • Low-flying targets
    • Hovering helicopters
    • Targets with small effective reflective surface, mini and micro UAV
  • Sophisticated digital signal processing
  • Highly resistant to active and passive jamming
  • High suppression of surface and volume clutter
  • Rapid deployment and start-up
  • Highly mobile
  • Remote control and diagnostics, unmanned operation
  • Integrated IFF interrogator for target identification
  • Integrated GPS
  • Built-in Test Equipment (BITE)
  • Radar head easily installed on a wide range of
    mobile platforms
  • Standard or user-defined output
    data format
  • Set of options (automatic orientation, recording
    device, C2 module, etc.)


Technical description

ReVisor is capable of operating in heavy ground and volume clutter conditions as well as in strong active and passive jamming. The radar’s design allows sufficient resources to be concentrated into detecting and tracking low-flying targets and targets with a small radar cross section, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), etc. Full 360° azimuth coverage is provided by a rotation of the radar head. The flat antenna array provides a cosecant vertical radiation characteristic and a narrow beam with very small side lobes in the horizontal plane. ReVisor is a fully coherent system equipped with a TWT-based transmitter and a digital semiconductor receiver. The operator workstation (OWS), displaying air and diagnostic information, can be taken to a remote site. The radar is controlled using an intuitive graphical user interface.

ReVisor has the option of being equipped with a communication module and a C2 module (Command & Control module) to support the SHORAD and VSHORAD air defence systems. The system supplies the data network with automatically-assessed information about the air situation. ReVisor can simultaneously transmit real-time data to the superior Command Control Post (CCP) and the subordinated GBAD systems, which can be effectively controlled by the ReVisor Commander’s Workstation (CWS). ReVisor is also designed to support operations against UAVs and to protect strategic facilities, important buildings and guarded sites.