ReWet NG​

Firing terminal for SHORAD and VSHORAD firing systems. It is part of the RACCOS system.

intercom and
radio station
command station
and fire control SW
inertial navigation
driver station and
video server

ReWet NG is a communication and information terminal for FE (firing elements) in the SHORAD or VSHORAD systems. Its task is to integrate the RBS-70NG into the Czech Armed Forces’ automated fire command and control the RACCOS system, but it can integrate the RBS-70NG into the systems of other countries’ armies.

ReWet NG is the product of an experimental development project by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and was developed in cooperation with SAAB for its proprietary data interface.

Firing terminal for SHORAD and VSHORAD firing systems. It is part of the RACCOS system.

Basic characteristics

Basic features:

  • provides support for combat planning and management
  • displays information to the team leader about the air situation transmitted by the superior element
  • guides the RBS-70NG operator to the specified target
  • based on the type of AAGM parameters of the target and the surrounding terrain, it determines the appropriate time to allow firing
  • issues a firing order to the RBS-70NG operator

Operator workplace features:

  • integration into the transport case
  • can be transported by one or two persons
  • operation in individual NBC protection devices
  • automatically charged internal Li-ion batteries
  • software planning and combat support
  • two GPS receivers for accurate weapon system positioning

Other features:

  • control via a rugged laptop with multi-touch 13 ″ colour LCD display, touchpad and keyboard
  • the aerial photo is displayed on a map background
  • directional vector prediction and target trajectory history
  • calculates and indicates the appropriate time to allow firing based on information about the terrain and type of missile
  • video transfer from the RBS-70 NG display to the ReWet NG display
  • ReWet NG voice communication and video recording

Basic parameters:

  • integration into the GBAD units of the Czech Armed Forces
  • setup time < 5 minutes
  • voice communication and screen situations automatically recorded
  • optimal combat position planning
  • tough construction
  • operating temperatures -30 ° C – + 49 ° C
  • water and dust proof IP65
  • lifespan > 25 years


  • Data interface unit
    • RBS-70 NG
    • modem
    • optic Ethernet
    • integrated GPS receiver and external antenna connection
  • Main computer
    • backlit keyboard
    • rugged touchpad
    • integrated GPS receiver with antenna
  • Radio station
  • Power unit
    • two internal Li-ion batteries
    • external power supply  AC 230 V
    • external power supply DC +12 to +28 V