Modernization of the P-18 radar

The original radar signal processing cannot detect and track targets against a background of strong interference, and the large proportion of non-automated manual work does not meet the target capacity requirements for processing, reliability and accuracy.

The proposed radar modernization overcomes the above-mentioned shortcomings of the original system and provides significant improvements in performance, reliability and maintainability.

Modernization of the P-18 radar

The P-18 radar is a 2D mobile early warning radar operating in the VHF band. The main advantages of the P-18 radar include its long range and the ability to detect even invisible targets that are using stealth technology. The size of a VHF antenna prevents it being integrated into missiles used to destroy radars, which increases the system’s resistance to enemy attack. Despite a very reliable and relatively simple mechanical construction, the original radar systems cannot meet today’s requirements due to outdated and physically obsolete electronics and unsuitable software.

Availability of spare parts

Life extension

Cost reduction

Integration of modern technologies

Digital interface

The radar can be modernized either at RETIA, a.s. or in the users’ repair shops. RETIA guarantees comprehensive customer support for the production and service phases.