Military and Security Systems

We develop, manufacture and integrate radar systems that provide an overview of the air situation.
These systems are used by ground air defense units.

Modernization of Military Technology

Thanks to the modernization of technology, customers have the opportunity to keep their combat capability while increasing their existing systems’ useful properties, all at a fraction of the cost of buying new systems. Many of the systems used can be reconditioned and equipped with new electronics with extended data processing and connection capabilities. This means dozens of modernized equipment around the world can serve far beyond the original planned service life.

C4I2 Command and Control Systems

We can design, develop, produce and integrate an effective command and control system for ground air defence.

Radar Systems

A long tradition in developing radar systems allows us to develop and manufacture radar systems for civilian and military use. Cutting-edge technologies, such as the AESA antennas used in our systems, have brought distinct improvements in performance, greater reliability and reduced operating costs.

Installation of Special Electronics

We have been successfully integrating the IT structure and the electronic components into ground command and control systems for a number of years. We integrate high-performance information systems, including individual parts and communication means, into Pandur II and Titus vehicles or into the weapon superstructure of the DANA M2 self-propelled howitzer.


System Integration

We integrate both our own systems and the systems of other suppliers into military structures according to standardized national or NATO requirements. The systems are thus precisely tailored to individual customers.

Security Systems

In the field of security systems, we develop and manufacture products for both physical security and data security (cyber security).