The RL-3D is a family of radars based on AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Antenna) technology making it possible to electronically change the antenna’s radiation pattern so it best matches the chosen mode. The radars in this family differ in range, thus determining their specific use in air defence structures.

RL-3D - a family of 3D radars for air defence

The RL-3D series of radars has a detection range of up to 470 km. Limitations occur due to the Earth’s curvature and the condition of direct line of sight. The range requirement determines the size of the antenna. Thus the individual versions of the radars mainly differ in their design.

Meets requirements

Unfolding time <10 min

Detection of anti-radar missiles

Easy transport

High resolution in the distance

The basic building blocks for the signal processing modules and data processing modules are the same for the entire family. The modular scalable solution makes it easy to develop and maintain technology of the RL-3D series. Radars come as stationary or as mobile, easily and quickly deployed.