Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Open Day 2022

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Open Day 2022

On October 20, 2022, the twelfth annual “ALE OpenDay” took place in Avant Business Center in Prague.

The aim of the conference, as in previous years, was to present new technologies and implemented solutions based on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technologies, intended for companies from the corporate segment, as well as state administrations, and thus support decisions not only when choosing a technology, but also a supplier – an integration partner.

The conference was divided into two parts. During the twenty-minute contributions, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise representatives or our business partners presented individual technologies and solutions built on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise products. The main theme of this year’s conference was hybrid solutions, which allow our customers free choice and the combination of advantages represented by the connection of on-premise and cloud solutions.

On behalf of our company and the ReDAT recording systems division, Luboš Sádlo took part in the conference with a presentation of the HZS ČR (Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic) back to Alcatel technology – a study from the perspective of recording.