Another opinion from a contact center expert

Another opinion from a contact center expert

The expert opinion was provided by Jan Horyna, Senior Quality Analyst from Vodafone Czech Republic a.s.

And further states:

“The ReDAT system allows us to analyze all interactions with customers in detail, and therefore it helps to accelerate and refine our processes and increase customer satisfaction. The analytics part of the system provides us with a deep insight into trends and behavior patterns of our customers, so we can better understand their needs and proactively solve frequent questions and problems. It also helps us to support our agents, we can more easily aim at specific areas in their motivation, training and skill development. Last but not least, thanks to call analytics, we are able to obtain data for more accurate implementation of sales campaigns and increase the fulfillment of their goals.

To sum up, ReDAT provides us with essential tools to maintain a high level of service. I am convinced that any contact center that aims to provide first-class customer support cannot do it without such system.“

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