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RETIA has been developing in a long-term and systematic manner, and as such we are looking for new permanent inhouse employees and for collaborating personnel in universities and secondary schools, but also among professional practitioners. Company employees receive long-term training in various specialisations.

Become a part of our Company with a long tradition  dating all the way back to 1993

Become a part of our Company with a long tradition
dating all the way back to 1993

I'm interested in becoming an employee of RETIA

Who to contact?

Human Resources
Tel: +420 466 852 106

How can I apply for a vacant position?

First, send your structured CV to RETIA using the following email address:

How will I know that I have been selected as a potential candidate?

The human resources officer first evaluates your CV based on the criteria determined by your potential supervisor. If necessary, you will be contacted by phone to either add or clarify missing information in your CV.
If your qualification profile meets the requirements necessary for the given job position, the human resources officer will send you an invitation to attend the first round of the personal interview. 

How to increase your chances of success?

Carefully prepare for your interview and study the required knowledge and work duties. Job interviews usually undertake two rounds.
The first round is normally overseen by a human resources manager who will primarily focus on the prerequisite skills that will be beneficial for your position. You may then move on to the second round.
In the second round the head of the relevant department conducts the interview solely with those candidates who were successfully selected for the short list invitees. During the interview you will be introduced to your potential managers, you will informed about company activities and operations conducted in the given department. You will further learn about the requirements related to your eventual employment, if applicable.

What are the employment start-up formalities?

Employment contract signing
Entry medical examination done by the Company physician
Employment start-up training
Introduction to department staff and an informative excursion around the entire Company

Education support – employee training utilising EU funds

Our Company organises staff training utilising subsidies provided by European Structural Funds. The European Social Fund (ESF) primarily supports activities in the fields of employment and human resources development by reinforcing EU states' social programmes, by helping risk-prone population groups, by promoting equal employment opportunities, and by supporting labour force mobility within the EU.

The Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme (OP LZZ / OP HRE), which is supported by ESF funds, aims to provide training in sectors that significantly contribute to GDP and newly create future job opportunities.

The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MPSV).

The name of the project organised by the Labour Office in Pardubice is called “Education for regional growth in the Pardubice region”. The main purpose of the “Education for regional growth in the Pardubice region” project is in response to the economic crisis that has affected the majority of countries around the world. A key objective of the programme is to support those employers and their employees who were able to overcome this crisis, and who are currently engaged in economic activities that are expected to create a demand for labour force in the region.

In our Company the project resources are particularly used for designer training focusing on working with the Inventor 3D CAD system. The aim of this specialised training was to simplify, clarify and accelerate the development and construction of our products. Mastering various programme functions, learning and expanding the knowledge of advanced modelling followed by the creation of customer documentation using Autodesk Inventor.

Training increases competitiveness for companies operating in the market environment, but also benefits employees, as it boosts their professional and personal growth. Increasing employee qualification and skills unquestionably improves Company results.