ReTwis 5 succeeded in the competition of modern technologies

ReTwis 5 succeeded in the competition of modern technologies

The MoSAIC Challenge 2022, organized by the United States Department of Defense, the Ministry of Defense of Israel, and the Merage Insitute, knows its winners. In the Human Detection Presence category, the winner was CSG USA with ReTwis 5 radar (US name POLR-1).

On April 7, the final conference and ceremonial evaluation of this year’s the MoSAIC Challenge took place in the Israeli capital Tel Aviv. The competition was organized by the Merage Institute, which supports US-Israeli economic cooperation, in collaboration with the US and Israeli Departments of Defense. A total of 39 companies and institutions from around the world competed at the MoSAIC Challenge, competing in five thematic disciplines: tactical robotic systems, human presence detection, indoor navigation, room mapping and human / object marking. The purpose of the competition, which focuses on the use of the latest technologies, was to find suitable systems to improve autonomous maneuvering in missions and operations indoors and indoors.

The systems of all participants were tested for several days in the city of Jerucham as part of the thematic challenges, where a covered “future battlefield” was built for the purposes of the MoSAIC Challenge. As part of the testing, companies had to deal with various tasks, such as marking people and objects, structural mapping, detecting a person over a wall or also with pitfalls resulting from physical obstacles in built-up areas.

Based on the expert jury’s assessment, CSG USA ranked first in the “human presence detection” category with its portable radar ReTwis 5. As the winner of its category, CSG USA received a financial prize of $ 75,000. In addition to the cash prize, CSG USA, along with the winners and finalists of all 5 challenges, will be able to participate in the start-up workshops of the Merage Institute in California. After the ReTwis 5 portable radar proved its worth to police forces in the USA, winning one of the thematic areas in the MoSAIC Challenge 2022 competition is further proof of the quality of the ReTwis 5 product. At the same time, the success of this international competition opens up further opportunities for the development of this technology.

The ReTwis 5 system (Retia Through-Wall Imaging System) is a unique small portable radar that is able to detect and monitor people and living beings behind non-metallic obstacles, both in motion and at rest. ReTwis 5 radar uses UltraWideBand (UWB) radar technology, which is characterized by high resolution, difficult interference and has virtually no effect on other radio systems. Another advantage of the ReTwis 5 radar is its low weight, which makes the radar highly mobile and ready for use within 20 seconds. The range of the radar is 40 meters and can be placed up to 20 m from the obstacle behind which the wanted persons are. Thanks to its powerful batteries, the radar can operate continuously for up to 5 hours. The ReTwis 5 system has many uses and can be used by security and armed forces.