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End of support for ReDat Application Server on the date 31. 3. 2016

03. 04. 2015

Please for acceptance of the following information:

Due to the end of development and sale of ReDat Application Server and its replacement by ReDat eXperience, the support is at an end. From the mentioned date, the updatings and technical support will not be issued and provided.

FUNCTIONAL TESTS of CCS including 2 pcs of RVR (ReVISOR)

06. 01. 2015

Functional tests of complete Command and Control System (C2), including 2 pcs of Short Range Radar    (ReVISOR), took place from 15. 12. to 18. 12. 2015 in the territory of military training area Boletice CZ.

UAV stealth intercepted by SHORAD radar ReVISOR

14. 11. 2014

German’s army UAV stealth KZO was intercepted by Czech army ReVISOR radar and destroyed by Czech military personel from Strakonice AD battalion, after receiving command from the Command and Control Post RACCOS, during AD exercises Iron Sword 2014.

MASTER HARMONY 2014 - Čáslav

27. 10. 2014

14th October 2014 at the airport Čáslav started the military test of the communication interface LLAPI. Participants of the test are system RACCOS of the Czech Republic army, system ASTRA of the Slovak Republic armed forces and sytem FAAD from the 10. AAMDC USAREUR from Kaiserslautern.

Korean representatives visited RETIA, a.s.

18. 09. 2014

The representatives of the company SNF CO., LTD, Republic of Korea, The President, Mr. Seok Bong Lee, and The Vice President, Mr. Kwang Suk Chae, visited  us on September 11 - 12, 2014.