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Our representatives from the #ReDat recording systems division have already returned from the EURASIA RAIL trade fair, which took place in Istanbul.

Another year of the CCC Expo exhibition focused on contact centers took place in London. Therefore, our ReDat recording systems division could not be missing. And you can see what the Expo looked like on the photos.

On November 9, we participated in the 21st Call Center conference! Our stand with ReDat recording systems could not be missing here.

Not all communication in control rooms is conducted via “technical” means of communication, but can be transmitted in a much easier way, verbally “from the neighbouring workplace”. However, unlike telephone contact, until now there has been no clearly conclusive material in the form of a recorded conversation between dispatchers in the room.

ReDat recording systems are not just recorded control rooms, contact centers or air traffic control. We are now working on so-called smart switches. Our common goal is to increase track safety, train speed and reduce costs, because this switch will check itself and possibly request a replacement.


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