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About us

We are a leading Czech company in the field of military electronics and recording systems with deliveries to the world ...


RETIA resides in the center of eastern Bohemia, in Pardubice which is an historical, industrial and academic center. There are many technological schools and companies, and also many sports and cultural institutions. Pardubice is on the top in the Czech Republic in terms of the quality of lite of its residents. RETIA  follows up almost one hundred years of experience in electronics development in Pardubice and more  than 60 years of experience with military production, namely radars and communication system.

Who we are

RETIA is a technology company which develops, manufactures and modernizes radars, missile systems, C4I systems, recording systems, UWB localization and communication systems. These products have been delivered and are delivered to the Czech Armed Forces, NATO, armed forces of NATO members and other military and civilian customers in the Czech Republic and in more than 40 countries worlwide.


RETIA was founded in 1993 as a limited company. Since then RETIA has been growing continuously not only in size, but particularly by the number and importance of its contracts. RETIA was transformed into a stock company in 1996. RETIA has procured and reconstructed the new development and production facilities which are currently used. In order to execute challenging and complex contracts RETIA has undergone many technical and organizational changes.

As a result and evidence of these internal developments, RETIA won public competitions, executed these contracts and finally delivered products to the Czech Armed Forces and to foreign customers. The list of these product is very large and includes the C4I2 Air Defence system RACCOS, 2K12-KUB missile complex modernization, radar modernization programmes (P-37, PRV-17, ST-68, P-19, P-18), OSA-AKM and STRELA S-10M missile complete modernization, short range radar ReVISOR, several generations of recording system ReDat, UWB through wall radar ReTWis, etc.


RETIA is nowadays the leading Czech company in the area of military electronics and recording systems with worldwide export. Currently RETIA is under contract with an Asian customer for whom RETIA delivers full modernization of a couple of dozen radars and transferred the licensed technology for radar production. RETIA deliveries include the short range radar ReVISOR to the Czech Armed Forces, participates in NATO AGS Programme, has introduced the new Early Warning Radar ReVEAL and executes many R&D programs in all areas of its portfolio. In the area of recording systems RETIA delivers equipment for ATC and other applications for the civil sector. The recording systems are able to recognize voice, speech, caller identification, emotions etc. RETIA in close cooperation with some companies (Defence Industry Asociation) is in preparation for a 3D radar MADR project – RL-3DM ReUNION, etc.

From an economic point of view RETIA is a powerful and stable company with over 200 employees (60% of them have a masters degree). RETIA reached sales revenues of 430 million Czech crown (aprox. €18,5milion) in the fiscal year 2012-2013 and a profit of 26 million Czech crown (aprox. €1milion) after tax.

RETIA is an owner of all necessary certificates and licenses.

Pardubice - the city where is registered office of our company
We have developed, produced and implemented the Command Control system RACCOS for the Czech AD
We develop the new VHF radar - ReVEAL
We are a leading supplier of recording systems ReDat
We are supplier of system for localization the persons through a wall - ReTWis
Modernization of the P-18 radar for a foreign client
We supply short range radar ReVISOR for the Czech AD
Modernization of the Air Observer Apparatus ReTOB
Our export areas
Premises of Semtín – the first company offices
Premises of RETIA – premises after reconstruction
Premises of RETIA – The new administrative and production building
Premises of RETIA - The new production building

Company Top Management

We would like to introduce you RETIA members of the board, who vouch for providing premium quality goods and services.

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